"Nurse Rachel Biira" by Carol Allen-Storey
"Act I, Year 5, February #1" by Ben Altman
"Ki.III" by Sia Aryai
"Dividing Lines" by Bob Avakian
"Manhattan Project #6" by Michael Benari
"Abfall" by Raphael Brunk
"Miami" by George Byrne
"Moderate Genius" by Mike Callaghan
"Cathedral Space" by Parinya Champ
"Untitled0976" by Goseong Choi
"Homestead Motel I" by Josh Fassbind
"Outpost" by Lewis Francis
"Window Dressing #10" by Tom Goodman
"Clothesline" by Michael Knapstein
"Mt. Auburn Tree of Heaven" by Kent Krugh
999 Kodak Drive, Echo Park, Los Angeles, California" by Kevin Martin
"Cupboard no. 87, from the series - The Transparent" by Miri Mor
"White Tracks" by nikosono
"Series: Void, Gertrude" by Leslie Sheryll
"Revelation #0015A" by Zelda Zinn
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